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KNOW THE REAL NEWS - Don't miss our weekly news aggregate of conservative news from around the nation, Colorado, and Delta County.

THIS WEEK'S HEADLINES: Trump speaks at CPAC today at 1:35PM, CDC will mask school children AGAIN, Georgia illegal votes are a game changer, CO redistricting roadshow on tour, RINO women refuse to support Boebert, Danielle Neuschwanger GOP Gov candidate luncheon, CRT teachers army will kill your kids with hate, and ideas to protect yourself from Biden's Vax "brownshirts" - coming for you and your family. CLICK HERE to go to the News Aggregate page.

We have compiled a selection of last week's interesting national, state and local news and opinion articles for the community you won't find on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. KNOW THE REAL NEWS is published weekly on Sundays. Please bookmark the link and share with like-minded friends.

We encourage you to sign up on the homepage for emails about news, events, and calls to action. Our email list is secure and private only to the Delta County Republican Executive Committee website administrator. We never sell or give your email address to any entity!! Period!

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