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Our Mission

To elect qualified Republican candidates to local, state and federal offices, who will uphold the Constitution, defend our freedoms, support law & order, and always work to promote the needs of the people and communities they represent with integrity.”  Approved by DCRCC on September 7, 2021

Our Leaders

Your Delta County GOP Executive Committee

Chairman Dave Bradford -

Vice Chairman Roger Bentley - 970-874-1114

Secretary Brittany Deleff -

Treasurer Virginia Selby-

Delta County GOP By-Laws

2020 Rifle Raffle Winners

Abby Reed

Our first winner is Abby Reedy from Paonia High School. 


Abby was selected as the top applicant from her essay and the first applicant to complete attending the required monthly meetings.  Her essay was on the 1st & 2nd amendment.   Due to Abby leaving before the August deadline for college, her Scholarship Certificate was presented May 12, in Paonia at their High School by our chair, Dave Bradford. Though a joyful event, this also marked the closing of Paonia Highschool.  Abby said she was glad she applied for the scholarship and thought the requirement of attending 5 meetings was a good idea.  She especially enjoyed the presentation by gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez.



Abby will be attending Doane University in Crete, Nebraska. She will be studying law and playing soccer.

Benaiah Huggins

Our second winner is Benaiah (Ben) Huggins from Vision Charter Academy. 


Benaiah was the first student to apply for our scholarship program in Sept, 2020 after stopping in the Delta GOP Headquarters.  He came to his first meeting in October 2020.  Working 2 jobs at the time of his application made it a bit of a challenge to finish the required meetings, but he stuck with it and finally prevailed!  Benaiah chose to write his essay on the 1st amendment and 9th amendment.  About the requirements, Benaiah said he learned a lot about our local government and felt it added to his AP class on government.  He thought it was important for all little towns to learn about local government. Benaiah was presented his Scholarship Certificate August 3rd at our monthly meeting by Roger Bentley Vice Chair and Dave Bradford Chair.       



Benaiah will be attending Regis University in Denver, CO. He will be majoring in Literature and Pre Law.

Find Your Precinct! Volunteer as a Precinct Captain!


PCP? What is that?  Precinct Committee Person. 

What do you do?  You can vote on Delta County Republican Central Committee issues and motions.

How do I become one? It depends on where you live in Delta County (precinct). There is no age requirement, as long as you are a registered Republican voter.

How many can there be? There are only 2 voting members in each precinct.

Is there any pre-requisite training? No.

Interested in becoming a PCP? Contact Central Committee Chairman & Vacancy Committee, Dave Bradford

Update from the Colorado GOP

Hello Colorado Republicans!

Yesterday, we held a press conference with our Republican leaders in the State Senate and House, allies on the center right, grassroots conservatives, candidates, and Hispanic community leaders to release the Republican Commitment to Colorado. With this Commitment as the foundation, Republicans are offering better solutions for Colorado's future. We are the party whose leaders will make Colorado affordable, prioritize public safety, and expand educational opportunities for all families.

You can read the full Commitment here:

One way we can deliver on this Commitment is to help pass the Colorado Property Tax Rate Reduction Initiative this November. This Initiative has been endorsed by the State GOP, and it would be the largest property tax cut in Colorado history. Passing this tax cut in November 2021 will help make Colorado affordable.

In our Commitment, we also promise to bring back accountability and transparency to government. This includes the Secretary of State's office where Jena Griswold constantly undermines the people's faith in elections. Please reach out to our Election Integrity Committee at to get signed up to be a trained election judge, poll watcher, or attorney.

Please don't forget to sign up for a Local Candidate Support day. With your help, we can win City Council, Mayor, and School Board races in November 2021!

Thanks for all you're doing!


Kristi Burton Brown
Chairwoman | Colorado GOP

Contact Your Legislator

Representative Matt Soper

Colorado State Capitol

200 E. Colfax Ave. Room 307

Denver, CO 80203

Tel: 303-866-2583