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"life....liberty...the pursuit of happiness"

Our Mission

Our Mission
To elect qualified Republican candidates to local, state and federal offices, who will uphold the Constitution, defend our freedoms, support law & order, and always work to promote the needs of the people and communities they represent with integrity.”  Approved by DCRCC on September 7, 2021

Our Leaders

Your Delta County GOP Executive Committee

Chairman Dave Bradford -

Vice Chairman Leslie Parker -

Secretary Brittany Deleff -

Treasurer Cathy Cheatham-

Delta County GOP By-Laws

Find Your Precinct! Volunteer as a Precinct Captain!


PCP? What is that?  Precinct Committee Person. 

What do you do?  You can vote on Delta County Republican Central Committee issues and motions.

How do I become one? It depends on where you live in Delta County (precinct). There is no age requirement, as long as you are a registered Republican voter.

How many can there be? There are only 2 voting members in each precinct.

Is there any pre-requisite training? No.

Interested in becoming a PCP? Contact Central Committee Chairman & Vacancy Committee, Dave Bradford

Contact Your Legislator

Representative Matt Soper

Colorado State Capitol

200 E. Colfax Ave. Room 307

Denver, CO 80203

Tel: 303-866-2583

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