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MAY 9, 2021 TODAY'S HEADLINES America's moms push back on nanny state child care, Maricopa County election officials give away admin passwords to outsiders, wolves are an expensive pet project, anti-american squatters coming to Colorado mountains, the Koontz report, parents demand masks off, Gov candidate Greg Lopez speaks at DCGOP mtg (Chairman Bradford blog) and much more.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Lopez Attends the May Meeting of the Delta County Republican Central Committee

by DCGP Chairman Dave Bradford

There are currently nine candidates that have filed to run for Governor in Colorado in 2022. Eight of those candidates are Republicans; and one is a Democrat (and that is not Jared Polis.) I assume Mr. Rorex will be challenging Governor Polis for the Democrat nomination.

Those candidates are:

1) Laurie Clark (R)

2) Jeffrey Fry (R)

3) Jon Gray-Ginsberg (R)

4) Benjamin Huseman (R)

5) Greg Lopez (R)

6) Danielle Neuschwanger (R)

7) Jim Rundberg (R)

8) Destinee Workman (R)

9) Dustin Rorex(D)

Greg Lopez reached out to the Delta County Republican Central Committee (DCRCC) to ask if he could come and speak. He attended the May 4, 2022 meeting of the DCRCC. There were over 50 people in attendance to hear and meet candidate Lopez. Mr. Lopez gave a short bio - He is the son of migrant field workers from Texas who moved to Colorado three decades ago. Served four years in the Air Force. Former president of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and ex-president of the Rocky Mountain Minority Supply Development Council, which oversaw Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. Became mayor of Parker, Colorado, at age 27. Elected as a Democrat, but became a Republican during his time in office. Left politics for the private sector and was state director of the U.S. Small Business Administration for six years. He ran a restaurant with his son, and then sold it in 2020, just prior to the Covid lockdown and subsequent restrictions. He’s 53 years old, married with children and now runs a medical supply company with his wife.

Mr. Lopez ran for governor in the 2016 election primary coming in third place behind Walker Stapleton and Victor Mitchell.

I did not take notes during his presentation but an on-line search gives the following quotation, "I believe in school choice, less regulation, protecting the 2nd Amendment, free-market health care, constitutionalist judges, less spending and smaller government through (the) Tax Payers Bill of Rights — TABOR — enforcing our laws and protecting our (borders), 'legal' immigration not 'illegal immigration,'" he says on his campaign website below a declaration in all-caps that he's "PRO-LIFE." The audience showed their appreciation and support of Mr. Lopez’ positions with applause throughout his presentation. Greg Lopez seems to be a viable candidate for the governor’s race and bears a closer look. We invited him to return and meet more of the voters and residents of Delta County.

We have also been contacted by candidate Danielle Neuschwanger and have invited her to our June 1, 2022 meeting of the DCRCC. We will continue to invite the different candidates to Delta County to let our residents meet this folks and get to hear their positions.

We also had a presentation on Election Integrity in Delta County from the county elections clerk, Rene Loy Maas. The DCRCC has been looking into election integrity following the 2020 election and the numerous claims of voter fraud. I will be reporting on Rene’s presentation and what the DCRCC has found in their analysis of Delta County in the next update of this Blog, Wednesday May 12, 2021.

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Jun 08, 2021

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Jun 07, 2021

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