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Republican women dominate COGOP

The new officers for the Colorado State Republican Central Committee are Secretary Marilyn Harris, Vice Chairman Priscilla Rahn and Chairman Kristi Burton Brown

Colorado State Republican Central Committee Meeting Election Results

On Saturday, March 27, 2021 the Colorado Republican Party held their bi-annual Organizational Meeting to elect new officers for the next two years. The meeting was conducted in a blended manner with an In-Person option or a Virtual option. This was somewhat controversial as the meeting was originally planned to be conducted virtually but a number of determined members petitioned the State Executive Committee to hold the meeting “In-person”. The In-Person event was held at the Marriott Denver Tech Center and the event was live-streamed to all the “virtual” attendees via the social media platform Caucus Room. There were 518 State Central Committee members that were credentialed for the event – 193 In-Person and 325 “Virtual”. The Delta County Executive Committee followed the blended meeting with 2 members attending “In-Person” and 3 members “Virtually”.

Several items were considered prior to the election of officers-1) The legitimacy of using electronic voting by members attending the meeting “Virtually” and 2) An appeal of the State Executive Committee Decision directing the El Paso Republican Central Committee to re-do their Officer Election. Both items were controversial. After considerable discussion, the State Central Committee members voted to 1) Uphold the decision to use the Text2Vote electronic voting system and 2) Repeal the State Executive Decision to require El Paso to re-do the Officer Election (in other words let the results of the past election stand.)

The election for new officers for 2021-2022 began with the nomination, second and a presentation by all the candidates. Voting, conducted on the Text2Vote system, followed. The election required three rounds of voting, for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman positions, as no candidate received a plurality until the third round. The Secretary position was filled on the first vote. The following are the results:

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