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Delta County Elections Clerk Discusses Election - Part 1

by Chairman Dave Bradford

Rene Loy Maas, the Delta County Elections Clerk, made a presentation on Election Integrity in Delta County at the May 4, 2021 Delta County Republican Central Committee meeting. The DCRCC has been looking into election integrity following the 2020 election and the numerous claims of voter fraud.

The following is a summary of the presentation Rene made to the DCRCC. Additionally, I met with Rene several times during the month of April and reviewed the various allegations of fraud that are being made on the Internet, including the Mike Lindel and Doug Frank videos.

After numerous viewings of the various videos and attendance at a presentation by Doug Frank in Grand Junction I believe the allegations of voter fraud can be synthesized to the following four issues:

1) Intrusions by outside entities into the Voting Machines, over the Internet, to change votes from one candidate to another.

2) Adjudicated ballots – Dominion software causes a large number of ballots to be rejected and require adjudication, allowing “election judges” to change or alter the vote.

3) Shadow ballots – Individual