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Danielle Neuschwanger Luncheon Report

by DCGOP Chairman Dave Bradford

The Delta County Republican Central Committee sponsored our second luncheon of the year featuring gubernatorial candidate Danielle Neuschwanger at Daveto’s Restaurant in Delta on July 15,2021. Ms. Neuschwanger is a young candidate with a lively personality, numerous ideas for recruiting young voters and fresh ideas for running the State of Colorado. I have given some of this information before as Neuschwanger attended our July 1, 2021 Central Committee meeting. But I’ll repeat it for readers who may have missed her presentation and the blog I wrote about that presentation.

Danielle Neuschwanger is a Colorado native born in Greeley, Colorado. Her parents divorced and she grew up in Longmont under the influence of her grandparents - two WWII veterans. She attended college at CU in Boulder, Rasmussen College in Orlando, Florida and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice from CSU Global. She worked in Healthcare Security, where she was a Project coordinator and a Safe Tactics Instructor. Since 2019 she has been the Manager Broker for Wild Buck Realty in Elbert, CO. She lives in Elbert with her husband and two young boys, where they also raise cattle.

Danielle spoke for three-quarters of an hour giving her background and some of the ideas she has for winning the election. Many of these ideas involve using social media in order to reach the young Unaffiliated voters. Some of these ideas seem to have merit and I believe we need to look at them and adopt their use here in Delta County. Neuschwanger’s vision for serving as Governor has three elements – 1) Leadership, 2) Strategy and 3) Engagement. Her vision on Leadership involves placing “Subject Matter Candidates” who are qualified to lead all state departments to ensure better process for the people of Colorado. (This is a dig to the current governor, Jared Polis, who has placed political appointees at the head of State Agencies.) Neuschwanger did not really elaborate on Strategy, except her discussion on using social media to reach young voters. Her vision on Engagement again focuses on promoting youth and inspiring new leadership.

Danielle handed out some campaign flyers that promote her campaign and include a number of issues she supports and a number of issues she is against. These are traditional Republican issues and she left a number of flyers with us to hand out to anyone interested. Neuschwanger took a number of questions, which she again handled well for the most part. One attendee questioned her about her ranching operation. She stated her family primarily raises cattle for their consumption and other family, friends and neighbors. Another attendee questioned her about Critical Race Theory, which her flyer states she opposes. This individual felt she should have provided more details on why she opposes CRT. All in all, it was another good opportunity to meet with and interact with one of the candidates for the 2022 election for Governor. Attendance was light, so I hope our members take these opportunities in the future to get to know these candidates.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s TRACER website there are currently nine Republican candidates that have filed to run for Governor in Colorado in 2022. Those candidates are:

1) Laurie Clark (R) of Monument, CO.

2) Jeffrey Fry (R) of Hayden, CO.

3) Jon Gray-Ginsberg (R) of Frisco, CO.

4) Benjamin Huseman (R) of Commerce, CO.

5) Greg Lopez (R) of Elizabeth, CO.

6) Danielle Neuschwanger (R) of Elbert, CO.

7) Jim Rundberg (R) of Antonito, CO.

8) Christopher Tackett (R) of Clifton, CO.

9) Destinee Workman (R) of Clifton, CO.

In addition there are two Unaffiliated candidates – 1) Ralph Tingle of Denver, CO and 2) Zachary Varon of Avon. And there are two Democrats – Jared Polis and Dustin Rorex of Pueblo West.

At our August 3rd Delta County Republican Central Committee meeting, we have

Jon Gray-Ginsberg of Frisco, CO scheduled to make a presentation on his candidacy for Governor. Our meetings are held at the Surface Creek Church in Austin and begin at 6:00 pm. This is another good opportunity to meet another candidate. In addition we have candidate Greg Lopez scheduled for a luncheon at Daveto’s Restaurant on August 12th. Check the DCRCC Website – for details and to register. We will probably also send out a flyer to remind people of this event.

Finally, our luncheon took place without incident. There were no representatives from the media, which may have helped things run smoothly, but that also limited the exposure of the event. In addition to the other events listed above the DCRCC plans to have an entry into the Deltarado parade in Delta on Saturday July 24th and a booth at Cleland Park. I ask that any members, especially Precinct Committee Members, to help by participating in the parade and/or helping at the booth. Contact Donna Deleff to coordinate (970-209-1539). Hope to see you all there!

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