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COLORADO TOO! Colorado’s 2020 Election Results Are Also Suspect

Colorado’s 2020 Election results made absolutely no sense raise several red flags.

Colorado allegedly had record-setting voter turnout in 2020 and JoeBiden somehow captured virtually all the new votes despite never visiting the state during his basement campaign.

Colorado’s results from the 2020 Presidential election are suspect along with the rest of the country. With the emphasis on the swing states with clear acts of election fraud, Colorado has not been the focus of massive fraud. But today we have information on the election results that show a clear indication of election fraud.

A report from the New York Gazette analyzed the results of the 2020 election in Colorado. Their analysis shows something is not right.

And now, for the rest of the story..... at The Gateway Pundit, February 12, 2021. Click Here

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07. Juni 2021

Communist China Democrats used Dominion to "STEAL" The Presidency, Senate and House of The United States of America. Criminal activity that will result in either The Final Solution or The 2nd American Revolution. Which will it be?

Mark Rybeck


Gefällt mir

Unknown member
13. Feb. 2021

I pray the truth comes out.

Gefällt mir
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