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HEADLINES: GOP supports Israel's right to defend itself, Wuhan lab had a leaky CV19 petri dish, Capitol police invited citizens into building, Colorado Senate approves public option health services, the Koontz county commish report, Delta school board shuts down CHSE, and part 2 of election integrity (Chairman Bradford's blog) in Delta County, and much more.

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Assessment of the Delta County Election Process - Part 2

by Chairman Dave Bradford

Is summarized in the following:

1) Intrusions into the system by outside entities – I do not believe it is possible for outside entities to access the Delta County election computers. The closed system, the disabling of the Wifi and cell phone cards would make it extremely difficult for outside entities to access the computers. It is theoretically possible that another planted device could have been installed on the computers, but there are no signs that any manipulation of the voting data took place. I will go into that data later on.

2) Adjudicated ballots – I do not believe there were large numbers of adjudicated ballots rejected by the election computers that required election judges to adjudicate. While there is no record of the exact number of ballots that required adjudication, the criteria for rejection/adjudication is very straightforward and determined by the Colorado Secretary of State. There have been no reports from election judges on any irregularities in the Delta County election in 2020.

3) Shadow ballots – Again, while it seems theoretically possible for someone to create false ballots; it does not seem possible to create a ballot that could be accepted by the election computers since there is no practicable way to create a bar code and tie it to a registered voter in the Delta County Voter Registration Database. It is probably possible for someone to pick up a valid ballot and falsely vote for that individual but that is probably occurring on a limited basis and not on a large scale.

4) Undocumented people voting – The process outlined by Rene Loy seems to indicate that undocumented people are not being automatically registered to vote. This too, does not seem to be an issue here in Delta County. Looking at the data from the 2020 election -

Delta County Population:

2010 Census: 2019 Estimate:

Total Population 30,952 31,162

Persons under 18 6067 6,107

Total Eligible to Vote 24,885 25,5055

2020 Total Registered Voters /2019 People Eligible to Vote = % Registration

23,865 / 25,055 = 95% Registration of People Eligible to Vote.

2020 Voters that Voted / 2019 People Eligible to Vote = % Voter Turnout

19,533 / 25,055 = 78 % Voter Turnout of People Eligible to Vote.

2020 General Election:

President Trump – 13,081 (67.53%) Total Ballots Cast in the election 19,533

Joseph Biden – 5,887 (30.39%) Total Ballots cast for President 19,370

Others - 402 (2.08%) % of Voters who voted for President 99%

Over 2/3 of the voters voting in 2020, voted for President Trump in Delta County. The numbers are similar for Lauren Boebert, Cory Gardner and Kim McGahey. None of these results look amiss. There was a high voter turnout – 78% of the people eligible to vote (19,533 people out of 25,055 eligible) and 88% of the active, registered voters. This is definitely high. And 99% of the voters who voted, voted for one of the presidential candidates. The interest was very high for the presidential race.

While I am no political analyst, I have reviewed this information from a common sense perspective. I just don’t see any sign of manipulation of the voting results. I do see some data that is causing some concern. That is shown on the following table showing the Political Party Registrations in Delta County.

Voter registration is very high – 95%. This may be due to an engaged population and Automatic Voter Registration, but it also is something we need to look at. I purchased a copy of the Voter Registration Database from the County. We need to review this database, precinct by precinct, to verify that all registered voters are legitimate voters. I have asked Curt Grinnell to chair this effort. He has begun by sorting the database into precincts. This data can then be sorted in numerous ways – by residential address, voter affiliation, age, etc. Contact Curt if you would like to assist in this effort. We need at least one person in each precinct to do this efficiently.

The data is showing that while Republican registrations are still the largest political registration in Delta County, they are declining and the Unaffiliated registrations are increasing – to the point that there are only 1,000 more Republican voters in Delta County than there are Unaffiliated. This is a statewide and perhaps nationwide trend. People seem to be rejecting the traditional political affiliations. Is this because they are rejecting each traditional parties message(s) or they just don’t want to be involved in the grassroots efforts of politics? Maybe it is a combination. But this to me is the area we need to focus on. Recruiting from these other parties and showing them that the Republican message is the best for America. We need to grow our Republican Party.

Issues for Delta County Republican Central Committee to focus on:

1) Finish analyzing the Voter Registration Database to determine if “Shadow Voting” has occurred or is possible or if there are illegitimate voters on the list.

2) Inform voters that the Voting System in Delta County is secure but requires continued scrutiny to prevent/catch individuals who attempt to vote fraudulently.

3) Convince voters to become Republicans, sell our message and VOTE.

In addition, to looking into the claims of voter fraud, I was compelled to take this on due to the numerous remarks by dissatisfied voters claiming they won’t bother to vote again because the “system is rigged.”

As your Chairman, I truly feel we have an honest system here in Delta County. We need to continue to be scrupulous in overseeing the elections and WE NEED TO VOTE to keep Delta County following Republican policies.

We encourage you to get involved. You are invited to attend our monthly meetings, to subscribe to our website, volunteer, and to donate $17.76 to the DCRCC.

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