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Chapman: Enough with the Boebert bashing

Opinion by Pamela Chapman, Re-posted from Vail Daily, February 11, 2021

I don’t know about any other conservatives in Eagle County, but I find the vitriol narrative and actions coming from the elitist left toward the so-called lower class, undereducated, white supremacist deplorables in our county and nation revolting. Let us use their 21st century noun to describe who and what they are: bullies.

Isn’t it amazing how the elite believe they are so much more superior to others? Just read some of the things they write about Rep. Lauren Boebert, for instance. “She is uneducated for the task at hand.” “She has a long criminal record.” “She left school for pregnancy.” The elite, regardless of party, still do not get it. They still refuse to understand the working class, the small business owner, the family struggling to survive during this pandemic, has had enough of their condescending, inflammatory finger pointing rhetoric. Richard Carnes writes in his most recent Vail Daily column, “Boebert needs to step up her game,” that “she’d better brush up on her conspiracy theories.” That is, he suggests, to compete with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Don’t bother Carnes to research the legislation the congresswoman is presenting — for instance, creating legislation attempting to reverse the new executive orders that will negatively affect livelihoods in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. That includes all lives in District 3. Richard, did you realize that Boebert joined Gov. Jared Polis, Sen. John Hickenlooper and others this week working to keep and expand the BLM headquarters in Grand Junction, bringing more jobs to District 3?

It is the so-called educated, and degreed left that continue to harass people who think for themselves. I, personally, have a degree and certificates up the ying-yang. But common sense, thinking for myself, and questioning everything got me much further than cramming for my programming analysis class that went straight out the window when I went to work in the real world.

There once was a time when people would embrace a woman, anyone redeeming themselves. They might celebrate them and their accomplishments. They might see them as, I don’t know, a role model for others. Making mistakes, but turning the corner. Shunning the democratic welfare system, working hard, starting a business? Falling, failing, and getting back up again was considered strong character. Words such as tenacious, persistent, and overcomer would be used.

But no. Carnes, and the likes of him, spend their God-given energy trolling and bashing those who are working to make this district a better place for all. To them, the underdog gaining ground, having a success, representing the little guy is somehow contemptible, even criminal. You know, like the whole Robinhood/Wall Street versus the little guy. Congress now needs to investigate Wall Street’s trading.

They tout their superiority. How dare the lower-class minions attempt to have a seat at the table with the kings? Dare you have thoughts other than what mainstream and social media says you must have. You whacky, tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. But I thought the elite left championed diversity?

Elitism and exclusivity is not about “we the people.” It is what President Trump has stood against from the time he came down that escalator. Elitism is not about money; it is a condescending, pompous, self-righteous attitude which has been heaped upon the right for the last five years.

It seems, progressives in the 3rd Congressional District are angry that conservatives have found someone who has courage and is willing and able to stand for the common guy. Stop being a bully, Richard. Stop worrying about Boebert’s education and look at her efforts.

If she were a woman of color and had a victim’s complex, would you still condemn her and speak of her so-called adversities in such a condescending manner? Or would she be your hero? You speak of a “common sense of decency.” I ask: Where is yours?

Pamela Chapman is a spiritual and self-esteem coach who lives in Gypsum.


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Unknown member
Mar 14, 2021

Thank you for posting this great article. I agree. Enough bashing our Rep Boebert.


Unknown member
Feb 13, 2021

Incredible article! Thank you for posting.

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