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'Blirb' from Vice Chair Roger Bentley

Dear Voters,

The American Dream has been taxed enough already. In recent years almost every election has ‘the old hand out question’. Nothing has changed, now a hospital is asking voters to give up another 2.7 million dollars per year. Oh, but for only 8 years! There are a lot of businesses that would like $2,700,000.00 annually. Currently property owners are forced to pay a portion of their property taxes to the Delta County Memorial Hospital. Delta County sales tax is 2.0% and 0.8 % is a 40% increase. The last paragraph on the ballot includes ‘earnings from the investment’. Sounds like ‘pork’ to me. Proponents are saying that ‘we’ can’t afford to lose ‘our’ hospital, but fiscal irresponsibility has led to ‘that substantial budget shortfall’. I am voting NO on Measure 6A.

Roger W. Bentley Republican who votes Republican!

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