What's a Caucus?

Updated: Feb 18

The Political Mechanism

In the winter of the even numbered years our state begins the steps toward the major fall election. The Process starts with the Precinct Caucus which is the GRASSROOTS of the whole thing. Goals of the Caucus:

A. Attendees of the caucus will elect a Chair to preside over the meeting and report results to the county chair.

B. Attendees of the Precinct Caucus will nominate and elect 2 Precinct Committee Persons, who represent your precinct at:

1. The monthly Delta County Republican Central Committee meetings with voting rights.

2. Events such as fundraisers, Lincoln Day Dinner, Headquarters Office, parades and community events, etc.

C. Attendees of the Caucus will elect delegates to the County Assembly and higher assemblies (State, Congressional, State House and State Senate Districts). Remember, to be a delegate to the higher assemblies, such delegate MUST be a county assembly delegate.

D. Any registered Republican may present a resolution in writing to the Caucus which will in turn be submitted to the Executive Committee.

The Delta County Central Committee includes the Executive Committee Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary, two elected Precinct Committee Persons from the 20 Precincts, and the elected Republican public officials of Delta County.


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