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And, The Minute Men and Women Are...

For Delta County Commissioner Wendell Koontz

For Delta County Commissioner Don Suppes

JD7 delegates voted for Seth Ryan for District Attorney.

HD61 affirmed Kim McGahey as the Republican candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives.

HD54 affirmed incumbent Matt Soper as the Republican candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives.

3rd Congressional District delegates voted for Lauren Boebert as one the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Representative Scott Tipton who currently serves as the 3rd Congressional District did not participate in the assembly process, choosing instead to gather signatures to petition onto the primary ballot.

State Board of Education 3rd Congressional District affirmed incumbent Joyce Rankin.

United States Senator Cory Gardner

Results of complete state assembly votes are now listed at

Many thanks to all who participated and helped these often confusing assemblies run as smoothly as they did. The next step in the process will be the Primary on the June 30, 2020. Please be sure to participate, and to support Republican candidates.

New Era Colorado

And what, you ask, is New Era Colorado? It is promoted a non-partisan, non-profit organization designed to empower young people in politics by registering (200,000+) young voters and making sure they have election access.

However, their website ( does not seem ‘non-partisan’. It says that the group ‘fights for our climate future’, abortion rights, rights for all the usual minorities, relief from student loan debts, etc. And I just saw something new: on their site, woman is spelled womxn. Gotta get that mean old ‘man’ out of there, I guess! So this actually seems to be a leftist organization spouting the current Democrat positions and being promoted by the Colorado Secretary of State, using her office and title. Doesn’t sound quite cricket to me.

NEC is promoting mail-in ballots nationwide. This actually works out well in Delta County, because we have honest election officials and an election judge system (Democrats and Republicans working together). But nationwide? What an opportunity for fraud!

However, NEC does not want to depend solely on mail ballots, because … some students might not have access to stamps! This is evidently such a problem that NEC successfully pushed the Colorado Votes Act, which mandates voting booths and ballot drop boxes on every college campus in the state (estimated to cost an extra $3 million.) Also, the Act legalized voter registration of 16- and 17-year-olds if they will be 18 by the next election.

Our (Democrat) Secretary of State Jena Griswold chimed in to say that there have been attacks on our voting rights for decades, and people need to call friends in other states and urge them to demand mail ballots. She didn’t specify what attacks have been taking place, and I have no idea how mail ballots are supposed to counter such attacks.

In any case, NEC is out there, pushing a progressive agenda and urging young people to register, become active in leftist causes, vote, and urge their friends to register and vote. It is very active, and evidently sanctioned and supported by our Secretary of State.

This means that we need to be very active, also. We need to register voters or have them register at We need to educate our young people to the dangers of socialism, the fraud present in ‘climate science’, the way that a healthy economy works, and the benefits of freedom. Please do your part. If we lose the next election, we may well lose our country.

Calling All Election Warriors - Join the Army For Trump

The Trump Victory Campaign has initiated a drive to protect the security and integrity of our elections with a new website called Army For Trump. As a member of the Election Day Team, you will assist Team Trump and grassroots operations across the country on Election Day 2020. Our Election Day Team primarily focuses on Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) to ensure any voters who did not vote early vote on election day. Depending on the state, volunteers may be involved in other Election Day activities such as precinct coverage.

The Election Day Operations team invites our Delta County election warriors to visit the website and join the army.


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