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Many Thoughts. Silence = Consent

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It's Time to Speak UP!

By Angie Many

Where is our outrage? We saw a little of it in Delta County as hundreds of people showed up to protest Comprehensive Human Sex Education in our schools. But if we’re going to stop policies like Critical Race Theory (whites are oppressors, every one else is an oppressed victim), illegals flooding across our border, COVID power grabs via restrictions, election fraud, and more, we have to show up, stand up, and speak out. Sitting on the sofa and railing at TV news is not going to get the job done.

Ten years ago, who dreamed cancel culture would exist in the U.S.? The purpose of cancel culture is to make people afraid to speak up; tyrannical movements have long understood the power of silencing opposition. Few people want to be called racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., or worse, to lose their job and income. Cancel culture has been accomplishing its goal, especially in our cities, but we can no longer afford to remain silent. Many of us are appalled by government, media, and activist actions, but our disapproval of what is going on is irrelevant… unless and until we take a visible and vocal stand.

Once people start speaking up, others will be emboldened and the wrongs can begin to be righted. It is estimated that only 10% of the population in the colonies actually supported the American Revolution at its start. But that 10% was convinced that they were right, they backed up their beliefs with logic and history, they disseminated their ideas, and they were willing to risk all for those beliefs. Their actions gave us the greatest country that has ever existed.

Unfortunately, the freedoms that they gave us are slipping away. We know that well over 10% of our population recognize that we are on the wrong path. We just need to give those potential supporters the courage to speak up. And one of our first projects should be: SEAL THE BORDER!

It is estimated that two million illegal aliens will enter the U.S. across our southern border this year. Two million! They’re coming from almost every country in the world; we have little knowledge of who is coming in and what their purposes are. Some just want better opportunities. Some want to live on American largesse. And some come to distribute drugs, traffic women and children, and strengthen the gangs in our cities. I recently read that some young girls brought in are repeatedly raped for three years – and then they die. Is this what we want to encourage with an open border?

While some illegals are being turned back, a Border Patrol agent reportedly told Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) that they have been given orders to facilitate – not just allow, but facilitate -- the entry of almost all illegals. We should be out in the streets, holding rallies to protest our open border.

Despite reports that COVID is spiking and despite Americans being increasingly pressured to get vaccinated and mask up even if vaccinated, our southern border is wide open to COVID-infected migrants. The federal government offers free vaccines to any illegals who want them, but if they refuse, they are allowed in anyway. If they have COVID, they are allowed in anyway. And then they are put up in hotels (taxpayer expense) and bussed/flown (taxpayer expense) across our country and dropped off in our towns. Is this policy designed to spread COVID, or to change voter demographics? I suspect that it is both.

If COVID numbers increase, governments will be ‘justified’ in taking more power over our lives. After all, it’s for ‘the common good’. Look at all that has happened in the last 1-1/2 years. We thought it was logical to shut down and mask up for two weeks to make sure hospitals could handle the patients, but it didn’t end with that. That was just the beginning. We should have been in the streets protesting and demanding that businesses be allowed to open, that children especially not be mandatorily masked, and that schools open for in-person learning. But we were silent. And our silence denoted consent.

The fact that COVID-infected illegals are allowed into the country proves that restrictions are not about saving Americans from the virus, but about power and control. The fact that hundreds of thousands of illegals stream across our southern border each month but Cuban refugees are refused entry by the Biden Administration proves that immigration is not about saving persecuted people. Cubans who brave shark-infested waters on homemade rafts are fleeing socialism and would tend to vote Republican. Those crossing the southern border are fleeing poverty and will tend to vote for the political party which facilitates their entry and their income. It’s a matter of Democrats grabbing and retaining power.

We can sit back and watch our country slide into socialism. Or we can start doing what we can to stop it. How? Support conservative politicians with time and money. Flood the White House and Democrat legislators’ offices with email/letters/phone calls opposing socialist policies. Volunteer to be a poll watcher. (I know many of us don’t trust elections, but we still have to do what we can.) Write letters to the editor. Join conservative groups and dedicate time and money to promote their ideas. Pay attention: read/watch/listen to conservative media. Show up for rallies and protests. Please visit the TAKE ACTION page on the Delta County GOP's website and get involved today!

Across the nation, our kids are being indoctrinated in schools, our tax money is being used for anti-American purposes, our small businesses are being destroyed, and socialism is creeping into our lives. You can sit back and watch it advance, or you can work to resist it. What will you do?


The busy Summer months are winding down. The DCGOP participated in several local parades and fairs. We dressed up the float with patriotic banners and set-up booths to hand out important information to the community. Check out last week's blog to learn more about what your local Republican party has been doing.

We are preparing for our last major fundraising event in September. The Lincoln Day Dinner will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Please call today and buy your ticket.

Back by Popular Demand - The DCGOP Headquarters

Yes!! We have had many community members tell us how great the headquarters was last year and encouraged us to re-open. So, beginning Saturday, August 21 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM we will have volunteers welcoming you into your Republican safe zone! Volunteers will share information about important political issues happening in the county, sell Republican gear (new Trump flags available), sell rifle raffle tickets, and sign you up to volunteer for the critical 2022/2024 elections. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please call Donna Deleff, 970-209-1539. Stay tuned...we are organizing a rally soon!

Migrating DCGOP Contact List to Website

We are moving into the 21st century! Our new DCGOP Secretary, Brittany Deleff, is working hard to clean-up the old email list of people who signed up over the last ten years to receive emails from the Delta County Republican Central Committee. Her goal is to purge the 500+ email list of anyone who has unsubscribed, died, or is no longer using an older email address. She will be sending a very important email to you soon. Please keep an eye on your spam box. We request that you verify your email address.

Also, she is requesting, if you have not already done so, please sign up on our website's subscriber list. We are migrating our contact list to the secure website. Your email address is secure and private. The DCGOP admins are the only two people who have access to this list. It will never be sold to a third party entity.

Please visit our website DELTA COLORADO GOP and scroll down the page to subscribe. Please only subscribe once. There are several places on the website to subscribe but you only need to do it once. You may unsubscribe at anytime. You will receive the weekly blog, news about meetings and events, and important calls to action. Thank you for your cooperation.

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