Get Ready to Caucus

In 1763, a group of politically active Boston city elders met in chilly garrets to choose assessors, tax collectors, wardens, fire ward captains, and state Representatives. Founding Father John Adams called these citizen meetings “Boston caucus clubs.”

The caucus system was embraced. Why? Because, “We the People” was the essence of the fledgling Republic. The power must always be given to the people. Today the caucus is still very organic. Citizens gather in precinct conclaves at neighborhood schools and churches to determine who will become the people’s representatives.

As the neighborhood caucus winds down, an election is held asking the selected delegates, who will go to a county or state convention, to pledge their support for the majority candidates. These candidates were chosen by a democratic process; by raising your hand. This simple democratic process is effectively employed during a caucus because of the uniquely intimate participation of the individual.

In contrast, during a national election, the electoral college system is implemented to ensure citizens who live in less populated sections of the country that their individual hands would be seen. Few hands cannot be eclipsed by a multitude of hands waving in large population areas. This ingenious American system defines our republic. We must defend it.

Complaining on social media or fussing with your spouse or fuming at the main-stream media is futile. Saturday, March 7th is the day to participate at your neighborhood political caucus. Show up! Raise your hand!


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