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By Angie Many, Secretary of the Delta County Republicans Central Committee

Help Retain Control of the U.S. Senate!

Runoff elections will be held in Georgia for two races for U.S. Senate. If Republicans win these races, we will retain control of the Senate. If not, we may have a stalemate, with Kamala Harris (if Biden wins the Presidency) being the deciding vote on issues that come before the Senate. That is one very bad scenario.

I heard on Fox Business News this morning that Democrats and their donors are investing NINETY MILLION DOLLARS into these Georgia runoff elections. There are rumors (and where there’s smoke, too often there is fire) that Democrats are encouraging people to move into Georgia temporarily so that they can vote in these races.

Following is a link to a Heritage Action information site about this runoff. It is mostly aimed at Georgia voters, but has some good info. If you know anyone living in Georgia, please forward this link after reading it. HERITAGE ACTION

In addition, you can personally donate to these candidates. Money helps! If you can donate, go to:



As I read the rules, any U.S. citizen (and some legal aliens) can contribute up to $2,800 per candidate from personal funds. I don’t think any of us can approach that amount, but even $10 or $25 helps if enough people do it.

Money, Money, Money, Money….Money!

Unfortunately, it really does help the world go ‘round (or was that ‘love’?). I hate asking people to dig deep, but we need to do all we can to win… fairly. (And that ‘fairly’ is what makes us Republicans!)

The Colorado Republican Party is asking for donations to help fund at least one recount as well as election integrity. For more information and to donate, click on


Good Article from a Great Newspaper

Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

It all began so smoothly...

To learn the unreported facts about Venezuela and to understand the growing threat to America, I encourage you to get the free eBOOK to learn about the Communist take over of this beautiful country.

Final thoughts

We know you’ve done a lot.

We hope you can do more.

Freedom is important.

How many countries have been able to get it back after they lost it?


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