Delta County Assembly Results

District 61

At noon, Chairman Bentley banged the gavel again to adjourn the meeting. After adjourning, a four-person Teller Committee (Lon Kugler, Bob Johnson, Ron Austin, and Peggy Kugler) met to count the votes.

A total of 130 ballots were submitted. For County Commissioner in District 2, Don Suppes, running unopposed, received 119 votes. In District 3, there were two candidates. Wendell Koontz received 115 votes; Kim Shay received 12 votes. Therefore, Don Suppes (District 2) and Wendell Koontz (District 3) will appear on the Delta County Republican primary ballot in June. We would like to thank all candidates for stepping forward and devoting their time and energy to run for public office.

All Precinct Committee Persons were ratified. All Delegates to Higher Assemblies had been previously ratified. All six resolutions submitted at caucuses passed by a super majority and will be passed up to the state Republican Party. Those resolutions concerned calling for a Convention of States to limit the federal government and institute term limits; Drug Testing for elected officials; Opposition to the National Popular Vote compact approved by the legislature; holding a Western Slope Satellite Assembly concurrent with the State Assembly so that area delegates don’t have to travel so far and spend so much; opposition to the Red Flag (gun confiscation) law; and removing state consolidation of Congressional District Electoral Votes.

District 54

Representative Matt Soper was to honored to accept the nomination to be the representative for House District 54! Thank you to the 54th Republican Assembly for placing my name on the June 2020 ballot by acclamation and unanimous consent!

The Assembly was via Zoom and a special thanks goes out to Chairwoman Laureen Gutierrez, Vice Chair Betty Oglesby, Secretary Sandy Peeso for their hard work in navigating the difficult situation of how to get 100 people together without physically being together!

The Executive Committee would like to thank all delegates for participating in this aspect of grassroots politics. The turnout was higher than expected, everyone was in a great mood, and the sun was shining. All in all, it was a wonderful morning!


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